A Blast from the Past

When you think of estate agents in Virginia Water, our name is pretty high up the list. We’ve been trading for 150 years, and have been based in Virginia Water for a third of that time! It’s not just history that enables us to stay relevant, but also our willingness to adapt and change according to the market in which we live.

Repeat Business

As you can imagine, trading in the same area for such a long time we are lucky enough to benefit from a certain amount of repeat business. This week, however, we were asked to perform an appraisal on a property which we had sold to the current owner back in 1967.

James and Rupert Wyatt, our Directors are the 3rd generation of Wyatts to run the business and so were delighted to find that their Grandfather, Mr Stanley Wyatt had been there 50 years ago to perform a property value appraisal.

This was back when a 12 year old James would be paid 10p a ream to brave the windowless printing room at the back of the office; battling the fearsome Gestetner printing press to provide all the Barton Wyatt offices with their property particulars.

The minute you stopped respecting that printing press you’d get your fingers crunched by the mechanism to remind you to concentrate! Health & Safety regulations were not what they are now.James Wyatt.

It was a time when homes were described as ‘charming’, integrated central heating was a sales feature, Heathrow was called ‘London Airport’ and our phone number was just four digits – was life simpler?

Looking at this innocuous piece of paper makes us wonder, what will be a selling feature in 50 years’ time?

The property market is hugely competitive, especially in our area and so, we have to stay well informed and be willing to adapt to use all of the strategies and technology at our disposal – but there is something very humbling about looking back at the traditional ways of marketing property.

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