Augmented Reality is coming, but what is it?!

Barton Wyatt are one of the first Estate Agents in the UK to be taking an active interest in augmented reality. AR as it is known, is the process by which digital imagery is placed on top of real images. To explain it more simply, you might have seen a swimming race on TV where the World record pace is shown as a line across the pool (usually) in front of the swimmers.

Some new cars – the BMW 7 series and Rolls Royce are using AR head-up displays showing information on the windscreen. In Estate Agency the possibilities are endless, but currently in their infancy. Google expect to launch glasses that the wearer would receive information in a mini heads-up display style. This isn’t a particularly new idea, but the fact that Google is involved means that significant resources are available to move forward with AR. Wearing these glasses, one idea is that driving down a street, all the houses available for sale would be shown with pricing, the agents details and so on.

Sounds a bit too space aged? James Wyatt of Virginia Water agents Barton Wyatt doesn’t agree. “AR is coming and without many of us realising, we are already using it. In an upcoming business trip to the US, I expect it to be one of the hot topics”.