Buy a new Property to maximise gain with minimum pain


The appetite for new homes is back.

A recent poll by a national house builder showed that 79% of prospective home owners would prefer to buy a brand new home as opposed to renting or buying a second hand property. The research represents a 27 per cent increase in the popularity of new build, since the house builder conducted the same research in 2008. The NHBC state that registrations to build new homes in the private sector were up 5% when compared with the same period last year.

New homes are showing positive quarterly price growth across the UK which is bucking the trend for falling house prices. The SmartNewHomes July index shows that a new home in the UK will cost £6,975 more than at the same time last year.

James Wyatt, Owner of award winning estate agent, Barton Wyatt, in Virginia Water comments:

“In the micro-climate of Surrey, as yet, I have seen little evidence of a decrease in construction of new homes. I do agree, however, that the price of these new homes is very buoyant and there is a great deal of interest in the market as soon as these houses are ready to view. It is also true to say that many of the older style houses that are coming on the market are under scrutiny of packs of developers who are swarming around the Surrey market looking for the perfect plot.

“It is without a doubt that savvy developers are fighting over the best spots and working hard to find the funding to build state of the art new houses.”

The average property price in the South East of England is around £300,000; the greatest investment most people ever have in their lives is buying a property. So it makes sense for consumers to want a brand spanking new house that normally comes complete with a brand new set of white goods and always with a 10 year NHBC guarantee.

Buying a used house gives the consumer much less protection – aside from insurance that most people are loath to make use of. And your house buyer will opt for mortgage survey which is not reliable to show up any defects that lurk beneath the surface.

There is also a misconception that buying a new home will cost you a great deal more than a used property – this is not correct. The average price in the south east of England for a new-build property is £291,000 vs a pre-owned at £302,000.

Almost every new home built in the UK comes with a 10 year guarantee from the builder, and buying from a reputable builder with a great reputation puts a home buyer in an enviable situation.

Some of the benefits of buying a new home:

A new home will come with the very latest technology which will mean your household bills are lower.   New house should have excellent insulation and energy saving heating systems.
Weekends will be DIY free – no more painful trips to B&Q. Apart from the saving on your time, there is a great saving on your pocket.
Chic design with all the convenience – most house builders create quality design and include the latest gadgets to impress in a new home. Often they may offer a choice of kitchens, bathrooms, fixtures, fittings and even the internal colour scheme, so you can personalise your new home before you move in.
Fewer possibilities for long laborious chains to exchange – you could possibly be offered a part exchange in some cases and have a full turnkey experience without another buyer being involved at all – which in England is a true blessing.

Jonathan Cranley, Sales & Marketing Director of Millgate, explains what sets a Millgate Home apart from the rest:

“We only build about 45 bespoke homes a year – we focus on what we know best, that is building luxury homes in prime high wealth areas. We carefully select the most beautiful and luxurious materials available to mirror the expectations of someone looking for spend £2 – 3 million pounds on their home.”

“Our latest house to be launched on the market is in Kingswood in Surrey – our house is up against the very best in country mansions. But the proof is in the pudding – we are quietly confident that buyers considering their options on new homes in Kingswood will be totally blown away by the attention to detail and height of luxury that has gone into the conception and build.”