Buyer Momentum Increases

There has been so much doom and gloom in the media around the housing market, but since the unfreezing of the market in May we can’t say that we have seen anything remotely gloomy!

In fact, we have seen that home mover momentum has been building since the market reopened and this was confirmed by RightMove who had their busiest ever day on the 27th May, surpassing six million visits for the first time; this was an 18% increase on the same day last year. We have managed to complete on a number of deals which had been slowed by the lockdown as well as commence negotiations on several new deals.

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Record Breaking Demand

According to RightMove’s web traffic reports, both the number of visits and the amount of time people are spending browsing properties hit record highs in the last week of May, and more than a quarter of the people who had no plans to move earlier in the year have changed their outlook and are now looking to move.

This new wave of potential vendors and buyer has meant that we have returned to work at an extremely busy time. This kind of momentum is fantastic for all involved as the housing market contributes heavily to the health of the economy.

Traditionally, we have always seen our busiest days in January and February as people have spent the Christmas period making big family decisions. Usually people are keen to stay put when the weather picks up and they head off abroad on their holidays and so we have a bit of a quieter period over the summer; then comes the madness of autumn during which people are keen to get completed before Christmas, and the cycle starts over.


From what we can see from the RightMove research, this new influx of people entering the market is likely to be due to a combination of previously restricted demand and the fact that holidays abroad have been mostly cancelled for this summer.

With this influx of people comes a deluge of enquiries and extraordinary demand for viewings. During the current lockdown we have been busy producing video tours of our properties and more recently, where possible setting up socially distanced and safe physical viewings of properties in which people are interested.

The number of sales across the UK is picking up and has improved hugely since the lockdown was implemented; the industry still has a long way to go before we can call it any kind of ‘recovery’. Many people will spend the next year or so recovering their own financial state before making any major decisions regarding their living situation.

We are obviously delighted to see some light at the end of the tunnel; while we have been conducting business as close to usual as possible we are looking forward to getting back to full capacity and getting property transactions completed with the kind of efficiency to which our clients have become accustomed.

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