Clear signs it’s time to move to a new home

It can be a difficult decision to make to put your home on the market, or up for let, and start looking for another. Questions such as can I/we cope with the upheaval, what’s top of the want list, what is needed, and where. There is a huge list of pros and cons to consider, so how do you know it’s the right time to move?

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We have had many clients who have been in the same position. Once they find that perfect property they know it was the right decision to make. We have put together some signs to look out for so you and your family know when it’s time to make the move.

Your home feels too small

When you chose your home, it was just what you needed at that time in your life. You may now need more rooms, garden space, or both, your salary may mean you can afford more. Covid-19 meant more people were home more than they’ve ever been and now an extra study or two are required so you’re not doing all of your business in the kitchen. A playroom or additional sitting rooms may be needed for your own space or you’ve got a new pet, your children need to run free, or you just need space for all the veg you’ve started to grow and a bigger garden is a must.

Your home feels too big

You may have completely the opposite problem to lack of space. Lockdown felt like you were rattling around, spending too much time cleaning or maintaining a home with more rooms or gardens than you know what to do with, or your finances or family life may have changed and want a slower pace of life.  There can be a strong emotional connection with a family home, it is very difficult to make a decision to move where an emotional connection is involved, if this is the case maybe it’s worth considering letting it for the short term instead to make sure you’re happy with the decision. You may be starting to realise that it is a good time to clear out the clutter, look ahead and not back. It may be time to plan for something more accessible, easy to maintain and somewhere that will bring you enjoyment and independence in later life whilst you’re still at an age where you can make the decisions yourself.

School catchment areas

The children are no longer babies and you’ve realised that the schools that you like aren’t in your area or even in your catchment. We all want the best possible education for our children and unfortunately school catchment areas are set and moving before the start of the school year becomes the best option. Properties within meters of each other can be valued differently based on the proximity that they are to a school. It may be that your children have enjoyed their time locally and have flown the nest and you no longer need to be in the area, so you could make a profit by moving out of a desired catchment. We have some fantastic state and private schools in our area.

Friends & Family  

Sometimes we need a friend, or our family, to support us, sometimes we need to just get away and make new friends. You may have found lockdown difficult to be away from people you’re close with so a move closer would help if it were to happen again or perhaps you’ve had enough and you need your own space and a new start. Maybe you’re in an area because it suited your lifestyle when you arrived but now it’s too busy for the family and you need a quiet place to enjoy your surrounding and for the kids to safely come and go, or you may have realised your secluded home is lonely and you want to be in a more bustling area. Circumstances will change throughout life, so don’t stay put if it doesn’t meet your needs.

The commute just isn’t right

You may not need to commute to the office as regularly now, so a more desirable home location could be the priority, or you need an easier journey to work due to costs or concerns for your environmental impact so moving closer to rail networks could be the answer and leave the car at home to charge. You may have reassessed your role and be looking to work out of town so moving with the job would benefit also, or maybe you haven’t got the time or desire to venture far so having amenities, such as a village store, schools or work on your doorstep is key.

Something just needs to change

You just know something needs to change and is niggling at you. You could be feeling like your home is ageing and you want a new home with all the mod-cons but don’t have the time, skill, or planning, to upgrade your own. Or you’ve now got time on your hands so buying that bigger and older ‘fixer-upper’ home is achievable. You may just need a different view from the window or want to walk out to the countryside or into a village. It could be that your home just doesn’t suit your style and you’ve got a dream home in mind. Maybe you’re feeling bored of moving furniture around and back again a month later. Listening to your instincts could give you the push you need to move.


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