Fabulous Development Opportunity Surrey

Fresh on the market and a property with potential – Silver Trees located in the heart of Virginia Water, Surrey – is the opportunity that so many of us would like to get our teeth into and to make the proposition even more exciting this is an original Tarrant House.

For those of us not in the know Walter George Tarrant was born in Portsmouth, son of a local policeman. At the tender age of 20 he moved to Byfleet and set up a construction company. His first major coup was buying 964 acres of Surrey scrubland from the Egertons, the family of Lord Ellesmere. This land was to become St George’s Hill in Weybridge – now home to rock stars, movie idols, and the anonymously wealthy. These Tarrant homes now brush up against a riotous collection of brazen mansions where a Tuscan Villa oddly looks at home next to an American colonial home!

War broke out which halted his building business but after the war Walter went on to buy the Wentworth Estate in Virginia Water where he laid out the first of four golf courses which now exist fringed by ‘weekend homes for City Gentlemen’. In 1931 Tarrant went into receivership – being a victim of the terrible 30’s recession. However one of his sons, Percy, maintained the company name and went on to build more property around the Wentworth and Virginia Water area; this luxury location is where Silver Trees sits.

There is no denying that Silver Trees is in desperate need of a complete overhaul and this is reflected in the extremely reasonable price. With the right care and attention the selling agent believe that this home should reach around £1,000,000.

James Wyatt of Barton Wyatt in Virginia Water comments:

”We anticipate this house being picked up very quickly by a discerning client who will understand the value that this house will reach once it has been renovated and extended. The plot is easily big enough to add to and we would be very surprised if there were any issues with getting planning permission – virtually every home in the area has undergone extensive renovation or rebuilding”.

James also goes on to say:

“In today’s market where money is tighter, our clients are very keen to get a bargain and I don’t doubt that the lucky purchaser of Silver Trees will never regret his or her decision to buy”.

For more details of Houses for Sale in Surrey please contact, Barton Wyatt on 01344 843000.