How to choose the right solicitor

We are often asked for advice on service providers, from removal companies or window cleaners. We have been selling and letting properties for 150 years so, we have quite a lot of experience in choosing the right people with whom to work.

So, how do you go about picking the right solicitor to carry out the conveyancing for your property transaction? We have had a chat in the office and come up with some pointers which may help you to find the right solicitor.

Ask your Estate Agent

As your estate agent for their recommendations. We are perfectly placed to point you in the right direction – we have probably worked with every local solicitor within a ten mile radius so we know who is the most efficient and responsive.

Word of Mouth

If you have family or friends who have recently bought or sold their property as them for a recommendation. Most people are happy to recommend a solicitor if they have had a good experience and even more keen to steer you away if they’ve had a bad one!


What’s CQS? It’s the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme, a register of solicitors who are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority when it comes to conveyancing (i.e. the buying and selling of houses).

Stay Local

Of course the conveyancing of a property can be done from anywhere, but we recommend you find a law firm which is local; this will make it easier should you need to drop in and have a face-to-face meeting. Local solicitors will have a good grasp on local issues and potential problems.

It’s not a Family Affair

It doesn’t matter if your cousin Vinny is a solicitor and offers you a family discount, it is best to keep this kind of transaction separate. Regardless of your family members’ best intentions you need a solicitor who is dedicated to you and your process and not fitting you in among other ‘full-rate paying’ customers.

What’s the Cost?

Some law firms can be a little vague with their conveyancing charges. This is usually because they outsource them. Make sure you get a number of quotes from other firms – preferably those who have their own in-house conveyancing departments. This might help you avoid any unexpected “disbursements” charges. It is important to get your quote in writing.

The Chase

Solicitors can be somewhat difficult to communicate with. It is important that you stay on the case and make sure you are kept informed on a regular basis. We would recommend you keep in constant contact – by email and by phone. We recommend trying to build a good relationship with your account handler so that they remember you in amongst the busy office environment in which they operate.

Ask for Advice

If you are buying through another estate agent make sure you speak to a member of their team. They will be able to guide you, and might be able to recommend a firm they have worked with in the past. Some estate agents will have a ‘preferred’ solicitor who might pay them a commission for passing on clients, make sure you are aware of the relationship before committing as they might not be best fit for you.

Get in Touch

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