Moving in 2022

Moving home in 2022

Well, here we are, we made it to 2022, and with the Christmas break and the (somewhat muted) New Year celebrations now a distant memory we can finally get our teeth into another year in the property market.

January is a traditionally busy month as people bring their homes to market having made big family decisions during the Christmas break; and this month so far has been no different with an increase in property valuation requests and new houses coming to the market already.

So, what do you need to know about moving house this year? We take a look at some of the likely tactics that could give you a head start if you are looking at entering the market.

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Approaching Normality

‘Normality’ is a term that, in the last couple of years we have all learned to use with caution. However, with the ending of Plan B Covid restrictions, this year is looking to many experts, like a return to a more familiar property market. The pandemic driven frenzy of the last 18 months has been spurred on by the government schemes and with these slowly being phased out the ship looks to be steadying.

The motivation for people to move is still there, as many businesses begin to develop more remote working cultures, living close to the office for a daily commute is less of a priority for many workers. This opens up peoples’ search criteria and while Covid-19 is still having an impact on our lives and looks as though it will do indefinitely, we’re starting to see seasonal fluctuations in house prices across the country which is a key indication that the markets are settling.

A Sellers’ Market

Even this early in the year we are seeing large buyer demand which means that if you are bringing your property to market in January you are likely to be greeted by a wealth of would-be suiters. While some properties are being prepared for market, those people who got a head start and went live in the first two weeks of the year are reaping the benefits.

Despite vendors being in such an advantageous position in this early market, the economic uncertainty of this year makes pricing your property appropriately more important than ever. As the Bank of England announce a review of affordability criteria, vendors will need to be sensitive to what people can or are willing to pay.

Improving Range of Choice

As the year progresses there will naturally be more choices when it comes to the kinds of properties on the market. While the market may seem short of stock in this first month of the year, inevitably properties are being prepared for sale in the first quarter which will increase the variety in the pool.

Premium Buyers

Last year we spoke about the importance of becoming a premium buyer. This is someone who is in the best position to move quickly once they find a property on which they want to make an offer.

Getting all your ducks in a row is essential to being able to move quickly on your purchase. Securing a buyer for your property and a mortgage agreement in principle will put you in the best position. Financing your property is often the thing that slows the transaction down so, getting that side lined up in the early stages can make the process flow smoothly.

With so many buyers vying for a limited number of properties it could be that buyers in the best position to move are more attractive to a vendor than those offering the highest price for the property.

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