Only One Direction for the Wentworth Club

Niall Horan REALLY loves to smack some balls around from time to time, and it looks like he has a new toy to get the job done!! For those of you who don’t know, the One Direction cutie is quite the little golfer, and he loves to work on his swing in his spare time!

So when he had the opportunity to visit the TaylorMade Lab at the Wentworth Club in Surrey, he just couldn’t say no!!

Niall took to Twitter to share a pic of his field trip, and it looks like he didn’t walk away empty-handed:

“Loved Wentworth today with @TaylorMadeTour the new SLDR is sick! thanks for having me guys! #SLDR”

Wow! We guess getting to play with $400 state-of-the-art golf clubs is just one of the many perks of being in One Direction!

Now we’ll just have to wait and see if Harry Styles can keep up with him on the golf course!

Taylormade Lab


What is the TaylorMade Performance Lab?

This is a state-of-the-art facility, which is fully enclosed and houses a testing suite and workshop where specialized custom-fitting of clubs is done on a one-to-one basis with a Wentworth Professional. The workshop is of Tour standard and is kitted out with club customizing equipment including a loft and lie machine; putter loft and lie machine and a unique gripping station. The ‘testing suite’ has a custom fitting system- the Motion Analysis Technology (MAT-T) that creates real-time animations of your golfers swing enabling the fitter to fully understand your swing and launch conditions to optimise the recommendation for a full set of TaylorMade clubs.



This is the only facility of its kind in England and gives the member the ultimate opportunity to invest some time in their clubs and their game. It gives them the same custom fit experience that Tour players receive and golfers of all abilities, from a professional to a recreational player will benefit from this facility. This is the ‘Savile Row‘ of club fitting facilities.



The cost of a fitting will be £200 for 14 clubs or £100 for a driver fit. With the two hour booking you will be presented with a Wentworth branded Adidas shirt and 1 dozen TaylorMade Penta golf balls (retail value £98). The fitting process takes up to two hours and involves a warm up, fitting session, club validation and consultation.

To book please click here to enter TaylorMade booking system for a 2 hour custom fit, or a one hour driver fit. Members and non-members are welcome to book. Alternatively, please visit the Professional Shop or call 01344 846306.