Red Bull Air Race: Ascot Racecourse to host world championship

Following last year’s tremendous success, Ascot will once again be hosting the fastest motor-sport series in the world, the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Featuring the world’s best pilots, this sport harnesses speed, precision and skill as agile planes are manoeuvred down a low-aerial track made up of 25 metre high air-filled pylons.

Saturday 15th August is the opening and qualifying day of the Red Bull Air Race weekend. There will be a range of entertainment to enjoy, with an array of elite pilots looking to secure the Challenger’s Cup and qualify for a starting position at Sunday’s Finale.

What’s the programme?
9.15am – Calibration flight at the air track

10am – Challengers training

11am – Doors open

Midday – Pilot parade

12.30pm – FMX4ever

1.15pm – Army Air Corps Apache

1.30pm – Masters training

2.45pm – Pal Takatas Paragliding

3pm – Challengers qualifying

3.35pm – Breitling Wing Walkers

3.45pm – RAF Chinook

4pm – Masters qualifying

5.30pm – Challengers cup

5.40pm – Side act – Danny MacAskill Drop and Roll

6.10pm – Challengers winners ceremony

6.15pm – Pilot autograph session

7pm – Doors close

11am – Doors open

12.30pm – Pilot parade

1.05pm – Calibration flight at the racetrack

1.25pm – Side act – Army Air Corps Apache

2pm – Masters round of 14

3pm – RAF Chinook

3.15pm – Pal Takatas Paragliding

3.25pm – Breitling Wing Walkers

3.35pm – Dougie Lampkin Trials

3.45pm – Vicki Gomez Flatlanding

3.50pm – FMX4ever

4pm – Masters round of 8

4.30pm – Masters final 4

4.55pm – Masters winners ceremony

5pm – Pilot autograph session

How do I get tickets?
Tickets are available from the Ascot Racecourse website.

  • Adults pay £30 for one day and £60 for both days; children under 10 can enter for free but children aged between 10 and 17 are £15 each.