Schools, schools and schools

Relocating to another country is a tricky business at the best of times but uprooting your entire family and dragging them across the pond could be a recipe for chaos in even the most organised family. So what are the deciding factors for people choosing an area for their temporary home. Well that is easy – “Schools, schools and schools” – without missing a heart beat this is the reply given by Jo Parris who heads up the lettings division of Barton Wyatt in Virginia Water.

Jo and her team have the task of finding homes for dozens of corporate families a year. These families are often moving for the first time overseas and there are many things that will concern them but the biggest worry of all is taking their happy, contented children out of their safe and comfortable environment and sending them into the unknown.

Jo Parris goes onto explain “The best way to avoid too much trauma is to send them to an international school and Virginia Water is in the extremely enviable position of being able to offer two. ACS International Schools, Egham – also known as the American Community School and TASIS – another highly respected international school. Both are based within 10 minutes of Virginia Water and Wentworth”.

She goes onto say ‘It is by no means just the Americans that are looking to send their children to these schools, a huge variety of nationalities are looking to use international schools which ensures they are surrounded by like minded people. The house is sometimes almost really secondary.”

Virginia Park and St Ann’s Park make perfect homes for overseas guests. A considerable chunk of both estates are rented out as corporate overseas lets. This gives a very cosmopolitan feel and with the benefit of fabulous communal facilities such as tennis courts and a pool you could never feel lonely for long. Both estates benefit from 24 hour security which allows parents to feel very secure about allowing the children out of eyesight to enjoy these facilities.

Mr and Mrs Nolan from South Africa who are currently letting through Barton Wyatt say “Virginia Water has been the perfect choice for us. Our children are very happy at the local international school and the area makes a perfect triangle for travel from Heathrow and getting into London. We could not have made better decision.”

Details of ACS Cobham International School in Surrey LEA.

ACS Cobham International School
KT11 1BL

01932 867251

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Properties to rent near ACS Cobham International School

Surrey is a beautiful county that is situated in South East England with borders on Greater London as well as a number of other counties. The county itself has a population of just over one million people, and that makes it the second most populated area in all of England next to Greater London.

Surrey is also the home to TASIS, the great American school in England. TASIS is short for The American School In Switzerland. TASIS England was originally set up as a branch of that school based in Surrey, England. The school is very close to the Heathrow Airport, and it is only 40 minutes from London by train via the Virginia Water or the Staines train stations.

The school also has a Parent Association (TPA) that aims:

* to support close relationships within the school community
* and to facilitate communication between the students, parents, faculty, staff as well as the administration.

The school originally used a 17th century manor. And, there is plenty of choice for the property for sale near TASIS school with a lot of character as well, both to rent and to buy. They come at some of the exclusive locations in and around Surrey; in areas like Sunninghill and St. George’s Hill. Another point to consider is that Surrey has a decent economy, a friendly atmosphere, and a great place to raise a family.

You would be amazed at the number of beautiful properties within the county of Surrey, and if you play your cards right, you might just find yourself living in this beautiful, prosperous area of England. If you need help to find property near TASIS to rent or for sale, please get in touch with Barton Wyatt International instead of scouring real estate websites.

Details of TASIS The American School in Surrey, England

Coldharbour Lane
TW20 8TE

01932 565252

Properties for sale near TASIS School

Properties to rent near TASIS School