Signs it might be time to move

Often your home is your pride and joy; it is a space you love and even though it’s simply bricks and mortar you feel an emotional attachment to it. You create memories and families in your home, your prize possessions are all under one roof and even that tap which has been dripping for three years brings feelings of contentment and joy.

However, there comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to make the decision to move on to pastures new. No matter how much you love your home, sometimes you simply outgrow it.

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We’ve put together some of the things you might experience which may signal it’s time to move.

Dreaming of space

As we get older, we stop dreaming about all the exotic holidays we want to go on and start really treasuring simple things, like new kitchen appliances and storage space. If you find yourself thinking about all the amazing things you could do a new shed or log cabin at the bottom of the garden. Perhaps you need some extra storage for your lawn mower and power tools; or what about a home office away from the house?

TV Politics rule

Depending on the ages of your kids or general dynamic of your household, it can be difficult to sit down and relax in front of your favourite box set. Perhaps the TV is permanently on kids’ shows or it’s monopolised by gaming teens. Having an extra reception room in which the kids can play, watch TV or game (that isn’t their bedroom) could mean that you get to enjoy some downtime of your own.

Extra bedrooms

Young children love sharing rooms; there’s nothing more exciting than having your very own playmate right there all the time. Until, almost overnight this becomes unacceptable. If you have more children than bedrooms, it is worth looking at moving house before sibling war is declared.

Aside from the convenience of having somewhere to escape to if your partner is snoring, having extra bedrooms means that you can accommodate weekend guests or relatives without having to bunk on a camp bed for the night.

Bathroom queues

As your family starts to grow, this is likely to occur but if you find yourself having to formalise a bathroom schedule or book a time slot, you may need to think about finding a home with a more appropriate number of facilities. After all, there aren’t many things worse than being disturbed while taking a bath.

Parking issues

If you are living in the City and finding a parking space close to home is becoming increasingly difficult, now might be the time to escape to the country and find a property with off-street parking. You might not get as many steps in on your smart watch but you’ll save yourself the stress of going through the daily rigmarole ending in parking several streets away.

Already extended

If you have extended your property already and it’s reached that investment ceiling, it’s probably time to move. There is very little point in overdeveloping a property in order for it to just about suit your needs; you are better off finding something more appropriate for your living requirements which might have more space to begin with as well as potential to extend later down the line.

Portal scrolling

Do you find yourself whittling away the hours scrolling through properties online? Dreaming of new areas to explore, researching pubs and restaurants in different areas? This is a tell-tale sign that you’re ready to move on. Subconsciously you have sold your house and are imagining living in each property online which piques your interest.

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image: Grigorita Ko