The Cheap Suites

Have you ever wondered what it would cost to rent a hotel suite in London, Paris or New York? What about how much your bedroom at home would fetch should it be transported into a luxury hotel?

Pondering this question, we compared the price of a bedroom suite in a new build house in leafy Surrey with some of the finest, award winning hotels around the world. You’ll be surprised at what we found!

So let’s consider what makes up a palatial suite. Firstly you need lots of room – perhaps in the region of 1,200 square feet. That sounds ample; to be fair you could find a 4 bedroom house with a similar square footage so that’s a good start.

The suite absolutely must have a huge bed and a fireplace would be rather nice. Then to feel super sumptuous there needs to be a large seating area with deliciously comfortable sofas in which to sink into. An ostentatiously large flat screen, wall mounted TV is a necessity of course and no suite would be complete without a surround sound system complete with speakers in the bathroom.

And on to the bathroom – an integral part of the suite. It should be fitted with the very latest in sophistication as far as hardware is concerned – not a corner should be cut, luxury taps, interesting plugs, a designer shaped spa tub and two enormous rain shower heads in the wet room. Obviously multiple nozzles in the shower to shoot water in every direction without soaking the rest of the bathroom, his and her sinks and a large window overlooking the lawn, trees, sky and definitely no other houses – that would be perfect.

The suite needs somewhere to store all your clothes too – and perhaps since we are going uber luxury here you need a dedicated dressing room to house your possessions. Beautiful wood panelled doors behind which hide designer suits and dresses and luscious drawers, hooks, shoe shelves and tie racks to ensure complete organisation and effortless attire selection. There needs to be some seating in here too, ample mirrors and flattering lighting.

A truly spectacular suite would also have a balcony with a stunning view, a couple of chairs and a table. Somewhere you can drink your morning coffee and read the papers or share a bottle of wine with your loved one in the evening.


Yes that sums up a luxury suite. That would be just perfect. But what is the cost of this perfection?

We compared the price of the totally amazing master bedroom suite in a newly built house on the Wentworth Estate in salubrious Surrey with the cost of staying in a comparative suite in some of the top hotels around the world.

The master bedroom suite at September House on the Wentworth Estate has the exact specifications described above. It has been hand crafted so that every detail will tantalise your senses. This suite comprises nearly 10% of the overall house square footage and divided into the cost of the house the master bedroom suite comes at a price of £650,000.

To translate this into a nightly rate, the average UK home owner lives in his or her home for 7 years which translates to a mere £246 per night (NO VAT!) in the luxury September House suite.

In comparison a suite in some of the most luxurious hotels around the world will set you back:

In New York – The Carlyle Premier suite which is 330 square feet smaller than our house on Wentworth will cost £1,040 per night. Now you need to remember that these suites are fashioned in a contemporary Louis XVI décor and you might get a pantry.

In Paris, the Four Seasons George V – a One-Bedroom Deluxe Suite graced with antiques and fine art and offering a variety of views will set you back £2,089 per night.

In London – at The Savoy, the River View Deluxe Suites go for £1,295 + VAT. Granted you do get a view of the River Thames and a really natty feature writing desk that converts into a dining table.

The Lindley Suite in Claridges, London will set you back £1,305 + VAT for 1,066 square feet – almost identical in size to September House in Surrey. Admittedly this suite does come with a butler, a complementary bottle of fizz and does showcase the British designer – Lindley.

With beautiful views of the Arabian Gulf, the Deluxe Suite features a handsome spiral staircase that leads you from one floor to the next; perfectly separating the entertainment and living spaces, the Berj Al Arab in Dubai will cost you £1,418 per night.

Then to Moscow and the Ritz Carlton, where you can stay in the Carlton Suite for £1,670 per night. Curiously you can take up to 10kg of pets with you – which, if you had that many does equate to 100 hamsters. And it quite clearly is a fabulous suite with access to the club lounge.

Moving south to Italy you might consider The Westin Excelsior Rome. A grandluxe suite which is a rather disappointing 700 square feet will set you back £1,808 per night.

Now if you were doing a cost for cost comparison these figures might appear slightly harsh – obviously if you were going to ‘rent’ a suite in a top international hotel for 7 years you are going to get an incredible deal – and there is the small matter of cleaning, laundry and a fruit basket which does not come included in your luxury mansion in Wentworth.

However these figures do make the cost of the Surrey mansion seem incredibly good value. September House is already furnished to the standard, if not better, than many of these suites and surely investing in your home is every bit as important as investing in your holidays?

James Wyatt, the owner of Barton Wyatt, the multi award-winning estate agent selling September House gave his view on the pricing of suites:

“Huge master suites have been fashionable in the US for some years now and now the trend is coming over the pond to luxury homes in UK. The appeal is being able to shut yourself away from the children or indeed staff and to enjoy, not only a sumptuous bedroom area but also a living space – rather like an apartment – a home within a home.”

“Buyers in the market for a multi million pound home want something as palatial as the luxurious hotel suite they’ve just stayed in whilst travelling overseas.  Why settle for less?”