The Eco Garden Boom

Locking down the human race for a couple of months has done the environment the world of good; early on in the lock down it was reported that the dramatic halt in human traffic had transformed some areas back to their natural beauty. With fewer people making unnecessary trips and most shops and offices closed the drop in pollution in major cities around the world was clear.

Dolphins returned to the canals of Venice, Italy, the India Gate war memorial was clearly visible from distance without being obstructed by the Delhi smog and the San Gabriel Mountains were visible across the LA cityscape in California after the city reported the most consecutive good air days in 25 years.

All of these good news stories have been a welcome respite from the daily Covid-19 update. Many people across the UK have used their time at home during the lock down to undertake some projects around the house, particularly in the garden.

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Eco-friendly garden spaces

It has been reported that since the lock down, more than 65% of British homeowners are planning to improve or add more greenery to their outdoor spaces. While the cost of the materials and labour is still a dominating factor in the commencement of any project, six in ten homeowners said that they would be happy to stretch their budget if the materials and tools were environmentally friendly.

The study, conducted by national construction supplier, Burton Roofing, followed chancellor Rushi Sunak’s announcement of a £3 billion green investment package which included plans to cut emissions from poorly insulated homes.

Sustainability across the nation

This new research suggests that 25-34 year olds were more concerned with the environmental impact of their outdoor improvements with four in ten stating that sustainability and the eco-friendliness of materials were a factor when planning their renovation projects.

Across the country we have seen people making huge improvements to the exterior spaces of their property. The British have always been considered a house proud nation, and with many people looking to take advantage of the stamp duty holiday, the end of the (first) Covid-19 lock down has seen a surge in activity when it comes to preparing a home for the market.

Spending time outside

It stands to reason that, the more time you spend in your garden the more things you’ll spot that need improving. The lock down and the good weather has meant that outdoor space has become more important to British homeowners.

We have also seen a sizeable increase in people looking to cash in on their high value apartments and townhouses in the city in order to find a little more outdoor space further out from London, but within a commutable distance.

The lock down has made many people reassess their priorities when it comes to the type of property the live in and with the fine weather and restrictions on going out in public, it has emphasised the importance of garden space.

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