The Property Market and Coronavirus

Just as the UK property market was gearing up for a post-brexit boom the world grinds to a halt amid the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic! The question on everyone’s lips is “what now”? Well, for starters we need to keep safe and make sure that we do our bit to help slow the spread of the virus.

In light of the advice provided by the Government and the Department of Public Health, we took the decision to close our office in Virginia Water and work remotely. Not only will this keep our business operating almost as normal, but it will keep our staff and our clients safe from the spread of this virus.

The current situation

Before the pandemic really hit British shores, the property sales market was looking really quite strong and we would imagine that once this has run its course we will see the market pick up where it left off.

As a result of the nationwide lock down, we have obviously seen a slowing down of transactions which are in progress, but this is to be expected as people acclimatise to a new way of working. For us, it’s business as usual – we are all working from home, maintaining houses and tenants while continuing to deal with urgent issues for our rental clients.

So what now?

As we said – we’ll be at work, but what can you do while you are stuck at home?

We recommend that you take this opportunity to spend some quality time with your family, if you can. Many of us work long hours and might not get the opportunity to see our families as much as we’d like – this enforced lock down may actually change the way society works for the long term.

With great connectivity across the country, all many people need is a laptop and an internet connection and they can work remotely, this pandemic is showing employers that it is possible to have a remote workforce.

Stay Busy

If you are unable to work and have to stay home, don’t get bored there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

Gardening – get some fresh air and a sense of achievement. You’ll be surprised at how satisfying a bit of garden maintenance can be. Go out and mow the lawn while the weather is reasonable, weed that flower bed and prune the hedges.

Home Improvements – a bit of DIY can keep you busy for hours. Make sure you choose a sensible project to undertake, don’t aim too high if you are a novice. YouTube has some great tutorials on anything of which you’re unsure, but make sure you practice good health and safety.

Movies – create a list of classic movies you’ve not seen but feel you should have. Sit back and make your way through them – most are available on demand or on a streaming service of some description and at time of writing Amazon are still delivering, so take advantage and catch up!

Box Sets – another sitting down activity. Maybe some popular shows passed you by? If you have free time, now might be the perfect opportunity to get through all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones. Disney+ has also just arrived and has all 30 seasons of The Simpsons available to stream as well as all the classic and latest Disney content!

Finances – a little more boring than the last few, but essential nonetheless. Now could be a great time to sort all your paper work and do some general life admin. Make sure you check your bills against comparison websites to make sure you’re on the best deals available.

Spring Clean – we are all hyper aware of the importance of hygiene at the moment, so why not take this time to give your home a good spring clean and declutter. Get rid of anything you haven’t used for a while and get busy with the cleaning products.

Most importantly – stay safe and take on board the regularly updated advice provided by the Government.

Get in Touch

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