Virginia Water saturated in overseas professionals looking for the perfect quintessentially English lifestyle

Having a roof over your head and living in satisfactory housing conditions is one of the most important aspects of people’s lives according to OECD’s Better Life Index. This report intelligently plots living conditions and wealth to find the very ‘best’ places to live worldwide.  The United Kingdom sits very comfortably in 10th position out of the 36 countries that are compared ranking well above average on jobs, earnings and housing but below average on education, skills and equality. Yet these areas with room for improvement do not appear to deter hundreds of thousands from wanting to come and live in England’s green and pleasant land as is proven by the net migration figures which, according to the Office for National Statistics, reveal that some 503,000 people came to live in the UK in the year ending June 2013.

There are indeed many appealing reasons for living in the UK and if the OECD’s Better Life Index is to be whole-heartedly believed then it is perhaps not our education or equality that is the pull.

According to global recruitment specialist Hydrogen, in their “The Global Professionals on the Move 2013” report, the UK ranks second only to the USA as the global destination for professionals to work due to its new technology hub status.

James Wyatt, Partner of Barton Wyatt, the multi award-winning estate agency in North Surrey, is in a prime position to comment on high net worth individuals seeking out the best destinations for their families to live. With two highly acclaimed international schools on the doorstep and a plethora of very well-to-do English public schools to choose from close by, he is literally inundated with clients from overseas keen to live in the area. Wyatt comments:

“Currently our rental stock is let to 73% overseas clients. There are a multitude of different nationalities from Chinese to Kazakhstanis, Americans to Indians, Dutch to Canadians. The South East is littered with global blue-chip companies that are attracting business people from overseas to the area. Indeed in the past 6 months we have found homes for professionals working in Shell HSBC Pepsico and Oracle.

“A great many of our clients have children and they are very excited to be giving their families a taste of British life although many do choose to use our international schools over the local schools for education to ensure that if / when they relocate again they can continue their International Baccalaureate curriculum.”

Whether you are a UK resident or international traveller then the Virginia Water area makes eminently good sense as a location to live. Its green leafy lanes and peaceful woods make the locality a star spot for raising children with Virginia Water Lake in the Royal Park providing endless entertainment in the summer. Local residents are blessed with one of the best sporting line ups on their doorsteps with the annual PGA golf championship, World class polo, Henley rowing regatta and Ascot all close by. With its easy access to London and international hub, Heathrow just a few miles down the road there really could not be a better spot to live.

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