Are you looking to move to the country?

Since the property market was reopened in May, we have been inundated with enquiries from people living in cities and large towns looking for more space. The COVID-19 lock down has seen most of us cooped up in our homes, spending our days in makeshift home office spaces or in front of Netflix working our way through box sets.

This domestic incarceration has led to many people reassessing their living arrangements and making weighty decisions about their next move.

City Living

There is no doubt that living near to your place of work is highly convenient. When you work and live in the city everything is accessible pretty much 24/7. Whether you want to go for dinner and drinks after work or grab a latte at 3am the chances are you’ll find somewhere within walking distance.

However, 2020 has somewhat stunted the allure of crowded spaces and public transport for most people. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to some wholesale changes in the way we work and live our lives; employers have had to accelerate their flexible working strategies to enable staff to work remotely which has meant that fewer people are using office spaces.

This means fewer people are travelling to offices so the demand for residential properties in the city is on decline, as people look to escape the crowded city in search for more living and recreational space in the countryside.

Moving to the Country

We’re not saying that we’re seeing people moving to isolated spots in the Outer Hebrides, but we are finding that people are cashing in on their city apartments to find houses in the suburbs and countryside with better access to green spaces, clean air and extra bedrooms.

We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of city dwellers looking for properties for sale in Virginia Water and the surrounding areas in order to escape the hustle and bustle of city live, but still be within commutable distance for when they are required in the office.

Moving to the country has a number of benefits; for the price of a one bedroom apartment in London you could pick up a three or four bedroom property with a garden in some suburbs. If you are looking for a newly built property, instead of buying your 839 sq. ft. two bedroom apartment off-plan at Battersea power station you could pick up a four bedroom, 3,000 sq. ft. detached property (off-plan) in Virginia Water. (Prices comparable at time of writing August 2020)

Areas like ours are surrounded by green spaces, outdoor activities, site seeing opportunities and are also well connected to travel links into London and the airports.

Not that we’re biased but with places like Windsor Great Park on your doorstep there aren’t many areas which offer so much green space. Did you know you can walk from Virginia Water Lake to Windsor Castle? We also have Chobham Common and stunning walks along the River Thames at historic Runnymede.


With every home move there are compromises; the 24 hr supermarkets are a little thinner on the ground (although there are a few), and most pubs and restaurants close at reasonable hours. What you do get though are excellent schools, an attractive and varied place in which to live and a real sense of community which can sometimes be lost in city living.

If you are looking for a place in the countryside but are unsure of where to look, make a list of all the things you want to change about your lifestyle and what you can’t imagine giving up. If you don’t drive, look for locations with good transport connections and if you love the pub, make sure your village has a great one.

If you are unsure, it might be worth renting a property before taking the plunge. You’ll be able to sample the lifestyle without the long term commitment of purchasing a property. We have a terrific portfolio of properties to let in Virginia Water.

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So, if you are thinking of moving to the area, make sure you take a look at our amazing catalogue of properties for sale in Virginia Water and the surrounding areas.

If you’d like to speak to someone about properties to let in Virginia Water, a member of our expert team would be happy to help. You can call us on 01344 843000 or email us. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Image credit: Vivvi Smak