Out and About in VW

We love Virginia Water and recognise how lucky we are to live and work in the area. There are some fascinating characters and a lot of history associated with the area and we sometimes take it for granted. We have a great number of amazing properties for sale in Virginia Water and are always delighted to welcome new residents to the area.

As a small break from the doom and gloom of Brexit and the political unrest we see every day, we’d like to take a moment to look at some of the weird and wonderful things that have occurred in our area over the last couple of months.

A Garage Fit for a King

Recently we took on an instruction to sell a garage in Virginia Water. The storage unit went on the market for £275,000 and sold to the first person who viewed it. Is this the highest value garage to sell in the UK outside of central London? What’s so special about it we hear you ask? Well, it has planning permission to be converted into a two bedroom bungalow! While it was expensive for a garage it was our smallest sale of the year – we’re looking forward to seeing how the investor brings the bungalow to life!

Window Shopping for Property

Jackie from our Lettings team was carrying out a viewing on one of our properties to let in Virginia Water when she spotted a couple taking a walk and an interest in the property. She approached them to see if they were lost or needed help and after a quick chat found that they could be potential clients. After hearing how much they liked the area and the road in particular she offered to show them around the property (pictured). Fast forward two months and we are due to complete the sale before the end of the month!

On the main island of Wentworth

New homes continue to dominate the Main Island on Wentworth. Five of the seven sales on the Island this year have been houses for demolition while the other two were for newly built properties. Will this trend continue into 2020? The supply of good quality new builds is diminishing as not many developers have bought into the top end, but we always have some off market gems up our sleeve, including plots of land.

Our much-loved telephone box

We are also pleased to announce that residents of Virginia Water, including Barton Wyatt have managed to save the telephone box on the Green outside our office, and get it a lick of paint, to preserve the village scene.

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Image – BBA Photography