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The Wentworth village goes back at least to 1066 and its history is linked to the Wentworths, Watsons and Fitzwilliams, who are noble families. The families ruled the village for generations until 1979. Behind the Fitzwilliam family line ended in 1979, the village had its independent existence. At the moment a trust is managing the land in the village.

Wentworth has been reserved in its natural form for hundreds of years. This provides a natural environment for the animals and flora with exceptional characteristics. In addition to its natural beauty, Wentworth also has nicer facilities like world wide famous golf courses and Wentworth Park. Some residents of Wentworth are also exceptionally renowned people that makes Wentworth an attention-grabbing place to live in. In earlier times King Edward VIII, Russ Abbott – entertainer, Diana Dors – actress, Sarah Ferguson, Elton John – musician, Late Dr. K.T.B Menon lived in Wentworth. Today, Peter Aven – Russian banker (formerly Vijay Mallya’s residence), Boris Berezovsky – Oligarch, Thomas Bjørn – golfer, Sultan of Brunei, Ernie Els – golfer, Bruce Forsyth – entertainer, Gary Numan – musician, Cliff Richard – singer, Andriy Shevchenko – Striker For Chelsea FC, Bryan Forbes – Actor and film director are the people of Wentworth that may give you an exciting neighbourhood experience.

In addition to its natural and social characteristics, Wentworth is getting the high class community quarter in prices as well. Rupert Wyatt, managing partner of Barton Wyatt Estate Agents Surrey, explains more;

“The Wentworth Estate is synonymous with highly attractive estate and this has always been reflected in the asking prices. Our recent sale, however, smashed the previous record price of just under £1000 per square foot recorded in July 2008 for a property on the Wentworth Estate, setting a new level of £1,291 per square foot. Interestingly, the property was a reasonable home} of four bedrooms but its outstanding location in a highly adored area meant that even in these times a new record was achieved.”

The sale price of this particular estate is not the single one that has been ranked high, also neighbouring roads Waverley Drive and Portnall Drive on the Wentworth Estate have also upset the national trends by ranking second and third correspondingly in the Mouseprice Street Rankings in 2008 for the South East region. Thus, now they are the highest three most exclusive roads in the region. The records indicate that “falling within the remit of Runnymede Council, figures from the Land Registry for October to December 2008 also show that the borough’s general fall in residence prices was less than the Surrey average, a decline of 8.34 per cent compared to Surrey’s average of 9.2 per cent.”

Its most recent situation with bare lands that are perfect for new housing development and old properties available, for whom are the enthusiasts of Golf and seekers of a new life style, Wentworth is the new attraction point.

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