Virginia Water Natural Beauty

Virginia Water, located in the countryside county of Surrey, is one of the most picturesque spots in England. With lush, rolling fields, thick forest and plenty of quaint spots to discover, there’s no arguing it’s beauty! Virginia Water Lake, too, is a sight to behold. A vast expanse of fresh water, surrounded by luscious greenery and plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. This natural beauty is one of the key reasons why a lot of people look for a property to buy in Virginia Water.

The impressive collection of real estate in Virginia Water also adds to its appeal. An abundance of period properties set in large grounds as well as more modern, striking architecture is typical of the area. There’s no doubt that this Surrey spot is full of incredible sights!

We are not the only ones who think this, too. Recently, Virginia Water has come to the attention of Hollywood and is set to be used in one of this year’s biggest films.

Angel Has Fallen

The film in question is ‘Angle Has Fallen’, part of the franchise which released ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ and ‘London Has Fallen’. Acting greats Morgan Freeman and Gerard Butler will be starring in the movie, which falls under the action genre, with support from Holt McCallany, Jada Pinkett Smith and a long list of talent.

Filming in Virginia Water

Virginia Water is an undoubtedly great spot for a filming location. All that gorgeous, natural scenery we mentioned earlier makes for a picture-perfect backdrop. We’re sure the directors will have plenty of spots to choose from when filming!

Talking of filming, the crew’s time in Virginia Water was pushed back slightly due to one member of the cast being ‘Unable to film until the end of February’, a piece of information sent out in a letter to Virginia Water residents detailed. But it has now begun and is set to continue until mid-March.

The shooting will be done at Virginia Water Lake, mostly either out on the water or by the edge of the bank. There’s set to be stunts, pyrotechnics and a whole wealth of special effects, so we can’t wait to see the outcome.

Buying Property in Virginia Water

If you, like the film crew for Angel Has Fallen, are drawn to the quaint, peaceful beauty of Virginia Water and all its breathtaking scenery, you’re in luck! Barton Wyatt has a wide range of properties to buy in the area.

If you would rather try the area before you commit to buying, Barton Wyatt also offers a wide range of properties to rent in Virginia Water too. You should start hunting for you dream home in this beautiful area today. You could be moved in by the time the film’s released later this year!

If you need help with your property search, get in touch with us at Barton Wyatt. We’re experts in luxury estate and have plenty of homes in Virginia Water that are waiting to be lived in. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions and get the ball rolling on your property hunt.