When is the right time to upsize?

It’s common place in Britain to hunker down during the winter months, spending most of our time inside our homes. Often it takes this extended period of short days and chilly weather for us to realise that we need either a bit more space, or to move house entirely. This is why so many important decisions about our homes are made over the Christmas break which, coincidentally sits right in the middle of our Great British winter.

So, what triggers that decision to move? The cost of upsizing can be daunting but often, when weighed against the improvement in living conditions the cost pales in significance. We take a look at some of the key triggers which might mean it’s time for you to upsize. And, if you’re ready to upsize, why not take a look at some of our properties for sale in Wentworth.

Growing family

One of the most common triggers is finding out you’re expecting an addition to the family. Suddenly your studio apartment or starter home is filling up with the baby paraphernalia and storage becomes more important. Your modern minimalist theme has been replaced with bulky baby travel systems and your need for more space becomes all the more urgent.

You might even be considering upsizing to accommodate an au pair. We have also seen an increasing number of people buying larger properties in order to create space for elderly relatives, as private care home accommodation becomes ever more expensive.

Increased visitor frequency

With more people retiring to the sunshine, another common trigger for upsizing is to accommodate family and friends when they come to visit. This is often applicable to the in-laws. Perhaps they live abroad for most of the year but return every couple of months to visit the grandchildren. Having a properly equipped guest bedroom means your guests will be more comfortable and won’t need to book expensive hotels to come and visit.

Tailoring to fit

You might love the area in which you live but need a house with more room to grow. Moving to a ‘larger’ house isn’t always the answer, sometimes you might be looking for something which can grow with you and your family. A property with potential can be customised and extended to fit your specific needs and often leave you with you forever home. The ability to change the function of rooms to fit your requirements as your life changes could remove the need to move house entirely.

As an investment

Perhaps your reasons for upsizing are as simple as wanting to invest in a bigger property. Bricks and mortar property has always been a good investment and it doesn’t look like that will change. Perhaps you are future-proofing your housing situation ready for when you have a family or visitors descend on you.

Get in touch

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image credit: Africa Studio