Now is the time to get your professional photography booked in if you’re planning to sell in the new year

If you’ve decided that you’re going to sell your house by spring and have started to address things that need to be done before you’re ready for viewers, such as; making repairs, touching up the paint work, having a deep clean and sort out, you may be thinking that your professional photography can wait.

However, your professional photography is a huge part of getting your home in front of the right buyers, at the right time, to have your home sold. By getting your photography package agreed and booked in now, and ideally before the Christmas decorations go up, you’ll be ready to market on time.

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Why is photography important when selling your home?

Most of the time your prospective buyers will find your home on our website or on a listing site or will have been sent your listing by us, before they’ve seen your home in real life. So, it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that the photographs they see build their first impressions and are key to the success of getting viewers excited and into your home. Potential buyers will want to see as much as possible before they make an appointment to view it in person.

Why do you need professional photography when listing your home?

It takes a trained eye to get the right angles, set up the right lighting, and shoot the best spaces to get your next buyers through the door. If your potential buyer doesn’t like what they see, they’ll move to the next listing. Quality visuals are key to drawing in potential buyers. Professional shots give a better perspective on the room size and condition of your home. Photography and videography need to work in sync to feel like a gallery, they are showcasing your home at the end of the day so you want to get the best of it in front of your buyers.

Potential buyers like to view homes in the same order as they would if they visited, starting with the front exterior, a walk-through downstairs, then upstairs, and ending with the exterior, and revisit areas,  at their own pace. A well shot ‘set’ is much more inviting than a few unedited photographs of here and there.

How to prepare now for your professional photography

The exterior appeal

You might be thinking that the days are wet and dreary, and you can’t possibly have decent photographs taken in December. However; there are things you can do to give your home the right appeal for selling in the new year, and leave getting the right angles to us. The exterior is likely to be seen first in a listing, and creates the first impression.

You want to make it feel warm and welcoming, if your photography is shot on a dark day, ensure that there is welcoming lighting, and remember the days and nights are still cool in the first few months of the year so they won’t be expecting bright blue skies and sunshine. They will however want to see that it hasn’t been battered by the elements. Ahead of your photography sessions, ensure to have any leaks and stains tidied up, and your gardens and grounds worked over, removing any fallen leaves and tidy up plants and bushes. Ideally, ensure that Christmas decorations can be avoided in the shots.

The interior feel

While scents of cinnamon or herbs can’t transfer through visuals ensure that your home has a warm and cosy feel to it so that your prospective buyers can feel that your home is suitable during the cooler months and so that they can imagine themselves in your home now. Add throws, blankets, and light fires, to really draw potential buyers into your home. Have lamps on hand for additional lighting when needed and when recommended by your photographer. Ensure that any clutter and unnecessary large items are able to be removed from the shots.

Again, like the exterior, ensure that no Christmas decorations can be seen as this sets a time frame for when your home was photographed and can take the eye away from the spaces that you want your potential buyers to see.

We offer a tailored service to really promote your home

We take extra time to understand the character and history of your home, to be able to convey the full personality to its most appropriate and desired audience through photographic imagery and video.  Each property needs a personalised approach and our finished product is perfectly tailored to your home.

Daytime, dusk or night-time

Your home is unique and our professional team can shoot your home at any time of the day to really showcase your asset.

Premium photography and editing

We don’t just snap and pop them up. Our photography agency are skilled experienced photographers and creatives with post-production abilities to really make your home stand out.


We provide short films, edited to a soundtrack with the option of a voice over to encourage and walk your potential buyers through the property and get them wanting more.

Drone photography and videography

Sometimes the scale of your property is unimaginable so a bird’s eye view really gives the prospective buyers a look at their potential home and grounds. The fly towards and through a home is also an exciting approach to really see your home from another perspective.

360 Virtual tour

Virtual tours are a fully interactive experience for your potential buyers, bringing  360 degrees of your rooms to life with depth, allowing the buyers to walk around and view all the best angles of your home, in their own time.

Video voice over or personal tour

We can enhance videography by providing a voice over or a personal walk through of your home for added personality so your buyer takes a full digital viewing before booking to see your home, beneficial to you and your potential buyers, ensuring only serious buyers are shown around in person.

Virtual staging

If your home is empty our talented team can virtually stage your home, dressing it with the finest furnishings so your buyers can really visualise and feel at home in your space.


If you’re aiming to sell by spring, contact us today to get your bespoke professional photography and videography package booked in with our expert team.

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